Update (8:05am): It's not canceled...just moved! Boy does Jim Duquette look like a bum (a trend with former Mets' GMs). Bart Hubbuch says the Mets will still save $250k with the move, so maybe money still played a part..."In a reevaluation of the Mets minor league operations, the club made the decision to move our Fall Instructional League to our new Dominican Academy in Boca Chica from Port St. Lucie, Fla. We believe that by housing our minor league players in the Dominican, we will have more opportunities to have competition against opposing teams that have training facilities nearby. Over the past few years in Port St. Lucie, the competition has predominately been among our own players as a result of other teams leaving the area. This year’s approach will bring approximately 75 prospects to train and compete at our Academy and against players affiliated with other Major League clubs." -Mets statement via Rubin_________________________________________________________________________________________________Bart Hubbuch and Adam Rubin have reported that according to former Mets' GM Jim Duquette, the Mets are axing their fall instructional league...to save $300,000. There's a bit more to the story, so check out Bart's article here and Adam's here.Here's a snip of Duquette's quote (from SiriusXM radio) - "It gives you a chance to extend the development of your young players, of your prospects. And they're not gonna have it.   They have canceled it for this fall. And to me, being a development guy, that's big news. If you're development oriented, it's not a good decision in my opinion."I read Joel Sherman's post earlier today about how the Mets are potentially paralleling the Orioles of the late '90s, and I shrugged it off. I mean...come on...the Orioles!? They've been a wreck for over a decade now, the Mets can't be that bad for such a long time! But I have to admit, after this news broke (though not confirmed yet), the Mets are looking a lot more like that O's organization than I'd care to admit. It just seems beyond boneheaded. I hope Fred has a good explanation or recants his decision and pays for the league.Please comment everyone, I'm sure many of you have much more insight about this than I do!