Maybe I was fooled, duped, deceived in thinking that the Mets can last without Johan Santana. News Flash: they can't.When Mike Pelfrey was named the Number One Starter, Terry Collins forgot one thing.  A number one is more than just a pitcher who will face every Ace every other team has.  He's a Stopper.  A Gun.  A Workhorse.  A guy who can put the team on his shoulders and bring them to a win.A number One Starter could stop what is going on right now with the Mets. Mike Pelfrey is not that guy, neither is Capuano, Dickey or Niese.You see, what a number one starter could do that any other starter can't is hold the opposing team down. And when I mean down, I mean a team like the Rockies.  A team that is red hot, looking for a streak, that is smelling blood and simply cool them off by holding them down to 5 hits and no runs.   Look at yesterday, second game of a double header and  Big Pelf had to throw up a zero and couldn't even come close.  The Mets need that now, a starter that could go into the ninth inning and hand the game over to the closer.   One of these guys has to step up and do it- just dominate. Do you see it?  I don't.Right now, this morning, the Mets are a mess on all levels.  They need a pitcher to bring them home.  Who is it going to be?