Would you prefer this Lineup?Is this lineup better than the current lineup?
  1. Reyes - S/.279./.320/.417
  2. Beltran - S/.295/.382/.508 (ZiPS RoS)
  3. Pagan - S/.306/.362/.466
  4. Wright - R/.308/.383/.524
  5. Davis - L/.258/.330/.448
  6. Bay - R/.261/.352/.410
  7. Castillo - S/.243/.345/.277
  8. Barajas or Thole - R/.227/.264/.412 or L/.285/.349/.380 (ZiPS RoS)
Or This Lineup?Mike Sielski may be on to something.   Reyes is best leading off.   Beltran's high OBP is ideal for hitting behind Reyes.     Pagan has been Mr. Clutch this year (not to be confused with Mr. Man-Up).   Wright is one of the league leaders in RBIs.   Davis splits up the righties and is on pace for 24 moon-smackers.   Bay is a better hitter than Castillo or any of the catchers (Plus, don't you think his pulling power is conducive to Citi Field?)   Castillo gets on base (with caution).     Thole's been hitting better but Barajas calls a better game.   What do you think?For more, check out this article by the Wall Street Journal (who knew they had a Sports section).