The Mets managed to save the sweep by slugging out to a 8-0 lead after 2 innings tagging Worley for 12 hits in 3 innings.  On the pitching side of things Niese was very effective through 6 finishing with 6 1/3 innings 5 hits, 6 strikeouts and only 1 unearned run.  He did have a very high pitch-count due to his4 walks.With an 8-1 lead the bullpen did a great job of getting the Phillies back in the game giving up 4 runs in the last 2 innings.  It's amazing how the Mets never seem to have all 3 areas clicking at the same time.  I am not sure which 2 I would rather have.  SP and offense with no pen?  Worked today. For more on this game, check out the video recaps on Mets.comThanks to local hero Metsfan4decades for the update on Carlos Beltran, Collins said that Beltran's hamstring was tight since the 2nd inning and he took him out in the 7th as no need to chance an injury.  Possibly more to come on this, cross your fingers.