moneymanIt's pretty safe to say the Mets will  stay  under the curent  $150 million  payroll.  Though many believe ownership will drastically cut payroll, those rumors are unsubstantiated.If you look at this worksheet, using only players currently in the Mets system, the  payroll comes close to $110 million. If you only count the 25 man roster it's more like $105 million, but increases in arbitration salary and in the  league minimum should somewhat offset the difference here or bring it up to between $110 and $120 million. (The salary amounts are courtesy of Cot's Baseball Contracts).genie-disney-sunning-smSo, with $30 to 40 million  to burn, if  you met a genie or won the "Mets GM For A Day" contest, what would you do?I now present you your 2010 Mets:Rotation: Santana - Starter - Perez - Maine - PelfreyDefense:C: ?, maybe Santos1B: ?, maybe Murphy2B: Castillo3B: WrightSS: ReyesLF: ?, maybe PaganCF: BeltranRF: FrancoeurBench: Pagan, Reed, Santos, Murphy, (If they're not starting) and Middle InfielderBullpen: F. Rodriguez, Parnell, Feliciano, Green, Stokes, Misch, NievePotential Callups: F. Martinez, Niese, TholePlease let me know if there is something missing or if I have something wrong. Thanks.