I hope everyone is staying safe over the next couple days! If you still have power and internet, maybe this can keep you busy for a few minutes.MLB Trade Rumors just posted its projects arbitration salaries for 2013, so I think this is a good time to take another look at what the Mets and Sandy Alderson have to work with this offseason. According to MLBTR, the following arbitration figures are most likely for our players:
  • Mike Pelfrey - $5.7MM
  • Andres Torres - $3.2MM
  • Daniel Murphy - $3MM
  • Ike Davis - $2.8MM
  • Bobby Parnell - $1.5MM
  • Josh Thole - $1.2MM
  • Manny Acosta - $1.1MM
 We know Pelfrey is gone and with any sanity Torres is as well (he's not terrible, but I don't think the Mets have $3.2MM laying around to pay a 4th outfielder). I haven't heard what the team's plans for Acosta are, but I assume that could go either way. So adding David, Parnell, Thole, and Murphy to the currently signed players and the pre-arbitration players (who will make around $.49MM, the minimum salary) and including the picked-up options for Wright and Dickey...we have a payroll of $85.2MM for 15 players who will most likely be in the majors. Add in 10 more players to round out the roster at minimum salaries and we're up to $90.1MM as a grand total minimum payroll just to field a team in 2013.Of course we all know neither Wright or Dickey's salaries aren't set in stone. With extensions, either could see a pay increase this season. That aside, it looks as if the Mets will indeed have close to $10MM to spend this offseason (with that minimum salary of about 1/2 a million already accounted for in any free agent signings). The most glaring holes in the roster are a catcher, several relief pitchers, and possibly an outfielder. How do you think the Mets should spend the ~$10MM?