Borat-NottdzS2xMoI have yet to find it from any other source, but according to NY Sports Dog writer Dave Singer, the Mets have recalled middle infielder Jonathan Malo from AAA Buffalo.So far this season in 16 games with the AA Binghamton Mets, Malo's batting line is .290 BA/.389 OBP/.403 SLG in 73 plate appearances, and in 19 games with the AAA Buffalo Bisons it is .187 BA/.247 OBP/.253 SLG in 82 plate appearances, so if he has indeed been called up it must be for his glove.UPDATE: Mr. Singer has added two lines to his post - "Malo may not be there tonight...More to follow." and "I have a friend with the Bisons, he may have jumped the gun."   So this is how rumors get started!UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The original post at NY Sports Dog is now a 'mea culpa.' "Sorry guys, I had it wrong."   At least Mr. Singer is not afraid to admit a mistake.   NY Sports Dog is a fine read, this episode should not color your opinion of it. Rather, I should get a hobby.   It is after all a Saturday afternoon.jonathan-malo1