Andy Martino of the NY Daily News is reporting that the Mets will soon send Adam Loewen to Minor League Camp, after losing his battle with Mike Baxter.Martino cites a team source telling him there is a "99.9%" chance of that being the scenario.This means that the bench will look something like this:Mike NickeasMike Baxter/Free Agent Pickup XRonny CedenoJustin TurnerScott HairstonNot that this announcement is Earth-shattering news, but it definitely helps round out the roster. It looks like the health of Scott Hairston will have more to do with that than anything else, as he is on a major-league deal.If Andres Torres will miss time, or if he plays poorly, look for either Matt Den Dekker or Jordany Valdespin to end up in center field. Although to be honest, I was unimpressed with what I saw of Valdespin in center field against Atlanta, he looked out of place, and appeared as though he lacks the arm to play outfield, and Den Dekker just simply isn't a major league hitter yet. Toby Hyde mentioned that he would have to finish in the 80th percentile of his PECOTA projections to be a league average eight hitter. Now go back and reread that sentence.As far as the Mets signing a free agent to come fill out the bench, I just don't see where I viable option could pop up. Is anyone crazy about the idea of Jack Cust (As I write this it has been reported he has signed with an NL team)? Casey Blake? Its pretty bare.This is obviously a fluid situation that could change at any moment, as there are now multiple reports out that Torres and Hairston are good to go for Opening Day. Obviously this is great news as this means Valdespin and Den Dekker can return to the minors to continue their development, and we could possibly see them mid-season.If we were to sign Jack Cust that could send Baxter to Triple-A. Cust most recently hit .213/.344/.329 for Seattle last season.What do you guys think, like the idea of Cust? Or do you want someone else?Update: Cust is a Yankee, hat tip to Stick