Yes I said it.   No I have not, after watching almost an entire year of bad Mets baseball, lost my mind.   As it stands, based on the latest Elias Rankings Tatis is still a Type B FA.   OK so best case Tatis and his 1.7M salary move on and we get a compensation pick which to me is incredibly valuable.   Worst case we get Tatis back for the 2M range.   As you all shriek in fear, let me remind you that sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.   If the Mets do not bring back Tatis and go with Murphy at 1B, they will need: A RH that can play 1B to rest Murphy; a backup 3B, a back up RH OF.   Tatis has seemingly hit into 302 DP's (Only 13 but everyone of them cost us the game)   while posting a .267, .328, .415, .743 line.   While certainly not impressive it will be hard-pressed to find a utility player that will cost 2M or less that can play all of those positions and hit even that well.   What we do know of Tatis is that the players seem to love him and he has yet to gripe about changing positions or lack of playing time.   Also, it appears as though Tatis is just an all around good guy as we remember why he even came back to play baseball.   There were a lot of things to go wrong with 2009 and everyone needs a scapegoat, however, Tatis should not be it.