According to Adam Rubin, the Mets and the Savannah Sand Gnats have extended their affiliation with one another through the 2014 season.  This is a win for both sides, as the Gnats have had good success while with the Mets and have a beautiful ball park for Mets prospects to play in. On a similar front, the first day the Mets will be able to speak to AAA cities is Sunday.  This transaction is less likely to end well for the Mets with Buffalo being unlikely to re-sign with New York.  Buffalo will instead opt to sign with Toronto, leaving the current Blue Jays AAA affiliate Las Vegas the only available destination for the Mets.  There are several downsides to the Mets being affiliated with Las Vegas, including the distance between New York and Las Vegas and the hitter-friendly Pacific Coast League that will significantly skew AAA stats. In case you're wondering, the Binghamton Mets are signed through 2016 while Brooklyn and St. Lucie are owned by the Mets, making them permanent fixtures in the farm system.