Just as I was having fun yesterday with the Wright to 2B scenario, today on a dreary Thursday morning I am a little more rational.  The below par team you see today very well could be almost the same as the team you will see in April.Obviously there will be one big addition in Davis being back in the lineup and you have the normal where the hell will Murphy play questions.  Johan could be toeing the mound but I would not bet more than a Blue Moon on it.  Pagan and Pelfrey could be non-tendered but with lack of options for their replacements in the system and a very weak free-agent market they have much better odds of returning than even Davis and Johan.As much as it makes sense to move Bay to RF and Duda to left, I don't expect it.  As much as it makes sense to cast off Capuano and bring in CJ Wilson, it's not happening.  I do believe some solid bullpen additions will be brought in and some new faces will appear on the bench... well more likely some faces that we are seeing now will fill out he bench.  Turner, Evans, Pridie and maybe even Satin have chances of joining Paulino on the bench.  Of course that mix could include Tejada pending on what happens with Reyes.Speaking of Reyes, ultimately I still see him returning. However, is that enough?  For next year a lot of things will have to go right.  There is no doubt when you go something like Reyes, Murphy, Wright, Duda, Davis, Bay, Pagan, Thole that you WILL score runs.  You also have to factor in the chance of a smaller home ballpark.  However, with the only changes to the starting staff being a chance at a semi-healthy one year plus removed Johan and a bullpen likely to be filled by either budding stars or cast offs that same smaller park could spell disaster for the staff.So how excited can one get for the off-season?  I usually love the thrill of the hot-stove but for now it will just be a wait and see mode with Reyes.  If Reyes does not return lets also forgive Sandy now for not going out and investing that 20M on this talent market sans Reyes.  Moves like that are exactly what the Mets are paying him NOT to do.What is a Mets fan to do?  Wait.  We have seen a lot of good things this year and I expect to see similar things next year.  We do have pitching on the way in Harvey and Wheeler.  We do have Meja and Familia, Havens and Kirk, and a host of others on their way.  Also as we know baseball is a funny game.  The Mets can contend next year if things break right, however it is now a luxury to have someone like Alderson that sees the big picture and is not willing to risk the Mets future on chance.