New York Mets Top 20 Prospects for 2014

Sickels uses a letter grading system for prospects. 

A:  Elite

B: Good Chance For Success

C: Common Prospects

Just a few from the list with some of my own comments mixed in. 

Thor: A-.   The Mets only A.  Predicted as a #2 starter.

TDA: B+.  Just missing giving the Mets 2 elite prospects.  Injury issues and the fact he has been around so long seem to be the only thing keeping him off the A list. 

Montero: B+.  Again only slightly away from giving the Mets another elite prospect.  "People are still sleeping on this guy. "  Predicted as a #3 starter. 

All together the Mets have 13 players that receive a B or better. 

A-: 1, borderline A.

B+: 2, borderline A-.

B: 3, borderline B-

B-: 7.

That has to be much better than when Alderson arrived.  Taking the Montero debate aside as to who is responsible, you can attribute at least 9 of the 13 to the current administration.  Looking at the list as a whole and including the other 2 C+ prospects that Sickels mentions can be interchangeable, the Mets have added 16 of their top 22 since Alderson and company arrived.  

Breaking down the list even more, of those 22: 

RHP: 11

LHP: 2

C: 2

1B: 2 (Counted Flores here, lets be honest)

2B: 1

SS: 2

3B: 0

OF: 2

Interesting to see in print what we already know.  The Mets are locked and loaded in terms of RHP but are a little thin in most of the other areas. 

This seems to be one of the few list from prospect services that I have little to argue with.  To me it looks like he nailed it.