Can't wait to hear the negatives around the blogosphere on this one.   In a shocking move the Mets have traded Michael Antonini a 25 year old struggling AAA pitcher  who was not chosen in the Rule V draft for Chin-lung Hu a 26 year old middle IF who is also out of options.   Hu is said to be solid defensively but has yet to take advantage offensively on the MLB level.  He does have one thing that the Mets don't have a lot of.  The ability to play SS.  At this point Luis Hernandez may have had an inside track on making the team as a backup SS.  Hopefully this will at least give another option. Also to be considered is this would allow the Mets to leave Tejada in AAA where hopefully his bat will catch up with his defensive abilities.When looking quickly at Lu's MLB numbersYearAgeTmGPAABRH2B3BHRRBISBBBSOBAOBPSLGOPS
4 Seasons9619117325334321731138.
162 Game Avg.16232229242567532951964.
Provided by View Original TableGenerated 12/27/2010.Those are quite putrid.  However, what is promising is his AAA stat line.
In over 1,000 PA.  While certainly not great, solid.  Last year produced a slightly healthier line.
Thus while I am obviously still in the Sandy honeymoon period, I see this as a good move to add depth in an area desperately needed.  You bring him in to ST and if it works out great, if not you lost a guy that was most likely lost anyway due to numbers.