I almost hate to post this story because I know where it will lead BUT it is Mets related news and I am obligated to let you know what the rumors are.According to Metsblog, Jon Heyman yesterday informed the viewers on the MLB Network that the Mets would love a do over on Randy Wolf.   Wolf had his best year since 2002 and logged 214 innings of 3.23 ERA ball with a superb 1.101 WHIP.   Certainly #2 level stuff last year.   Who knows if he can retain that? Based on career stats he is at worst a #4/5 and at best a #2.   I think the Mets should be very interested in him because at the rumored 2/16ish it would take to sign him it does not keep them from pursuing Holliday or Lackey.Speaking of LackeyAccording to Matt Cerrone of Metsblog:   Heyman believes free-agent RHP John Lackey could get close to $100 million, "and the Yankees are definitely looking at him."So I already know where this will go with some of our readers and in Mets nation.   Mets look for average to save money and Yanks look for the best.   At this point we do not know that is the case.   Feel free to speculate but at this point I am willing to bet that either Holliday, Lackey or Bay are in a Mets uniform for 2010.