Terry Collins stretch of 7 games vs 7 All Stars begins tonight. You can say the Mets are getting ready to run "The Gauntlet" like in Clint Eastwood's 1977 movie of the same title where Eastwood & Locke hijack a bus and are shot at by a gauntlet of police officers. Let's just hope (Spoiler Alert) that the Mets walk away safely as did Clint Eastwood & Sonda Locke. On Tuesday Collins described this stretch as follows
"Well, we’ve got Kershaw and then Vogelsong and Lincecum and Cain, then we come out of the break and we’ve got those animals coming in from Philly. That’s seven in a row. So we’ve got to make sure we can be as good as we can be.”
They might not be as good as they can be if the reports of Reyes going to the DL this afternoon prove to be accurate. Add to that the good chance David Wright will probably not be back in time for the series vs the Phillies. Yet the Mets have of late found ways to win despite key injuries. Something that can't be said for past teams.So how will the Mets do over the next 7 games? I don't have a clue but I look forward to finding out. Clayton KershawWins 8Losses 4ERA 3.23Result ??? Ryan VogelsongWins 6Losses 1ERA 2.13Result ??? Tim LincecumWins 6Losses 7ERA 3.14Result ??? Matt CainWins 7Losses 5ERA 3.22Result ??? Roy HalladayWins 11Losses 3ERA 2.44Result ??? Cliff LeeWins 9Losses 6ERA 2.92Result ??? Cole HamelsWins 10Losses 4ERA 2.40Result ???