The Mets won a slogfest in Citi today, to sweep the rival Marlins, and improve to three games above .500.It was another one of those pitching duel slogs today at Citi, with Jonathan Niese and Ricky Nolasco both pitching quite well. Niese really dominated for the first four innings before allowing Miami to string together a couple of hits in the 5th, but even then he did good enough damage control. That first run was a bit of a message to Jose Reyes, as it involved a leadoff triple (eh-herm) and an RBI from the Mets shortstop (EH-HERM!), Ruben Tejada.Well yeah, I forgot to mention the home run by Gaby Sanchez in the 3rd, but I mean let's just pretend that didn't happen, hooray for Jonny Niese! The game continued to slog along (is that a verb? it is now) until the 9th, which would be full of excitement.The best place to start off is in the top of the 9th with one out, 1st and 3rd and Reyes at the plate. he hits one to Ike, who daringly throws to second to try the double play, and beautiful turn by Rubes and Reyes was (questionably) out at first base. The bottom of the 9th was rather sloggy (adjective as well), as the Mets would load the bases with one out for Justin Turner, down by one run. After an epic 13-pitch at-bat ended with a walk, the Mets had tied it. Scott Hairston would ground into a force out, setting the table for everyone's favorite rookie, Captain Kirk. He would not disappoint as he would hit one to the warning track in right, to win it for the Mets.Couple of notes if you'd like to keep reading.I have to look at the numbers, but the Kirk must hit quite a few balls right down the line at first, as Gaby Sanchez played Kirk in front of the base, and right on the line. Keith was disgusted. Looks like on that last hit, Sanchez was a bit too shallow. I joke I joke, I kid I kid.Although I missed the first few innings, it appears as though Niese had his good curve today, as he threw it nearly 10% more than usual (28%). The cutter must have been vice-versa, as we rarely saw it today, just 11% of his pitches were of the cutting variety.Ike Davis got a hit and reached base twice, so that's hopefully a good start for his slump busting 10 game hitting streak (when it happens, can't say I didn't call it). REALLY gutsy call to try that DP, and it certainly looks like his game isn't lacking confidence.Guys, Heath Bell was really dreadful, he couldn't throw a strike at all in the 9th, and had to defer to using only his fastball. When you are only throwing fastballs to major-league hitters (even if they're Justin Turner), they will either hit them, or take them if they are a ball.Well, a sweep against Jose Reyes and the Marlins is nice, but a sweep in Colorado would be even nicer. Chris SchWINden on the mound tomorrow versus Drew Pomeranz in Colorado.