Box ScoreYou probably already know what happened at this point, so I'll let you go to other places for your highlights. Here is a summary in bullet point form.
  •  Obviously Johan was good tonight, although he struggled with his command causing his pitch count by the end of the  (can I say it now? Can I still jinx it?) no-hitter, as he finished with over 130 pitches. Terry came seriously close to pulling Johan a few times, but the baseball Gods were merciful and persuaded Terry to leave him in.
  • Mike Baxter. Round of applause, you are awesome. I pray you are okay because you are now in Endy Chavez territory.
  • The Mets defense really made that interesting, the ball that Quintinilla and Kirk nearly killed each other on, the one that Quintinilla and Murphy almost killed each other on, and the ball that Torres was very hesitant toward in the 9th all made it very interesting. And you expected it any other way...
  • 8021 without a perfect game, just kidding.
  • Anyone who says this should have an asterisk because of the Beltran foul/fair ball is a world-class A-hole, and should be ignored immediately.
  • There were some things other than Johan tonight, including the greatness of El Dude, David Wright, and El Murph.
  • That fan that ran onto the field is my new hero, watching him get mauled by security in the background was absolutely hilarious.
NOHITTER GUYZ!!!!!!!!!!!111!! Go crazy folks! Go crazy!