Jon Niese brought his curve ball to Mile High Stadium and used every bit of it tonight.  He was opposed by hard throwing Ubaldo Jimenez.  It was a balmy 41 degrees at game time when all 16 fans packed into the seats to see the afternoon game, the Mets wasted no time.  Beltran crushed a two bomb from the right side of the plate to greet Ubaldo-his day wouldn't last too much longer.  The top of the fourth started with a Bay single, a Murphy and Turner walk and Thole sac fly.  It would be Jose Reyes that would put the Mets on top for good when he hit a 2 RBI single.  Ubaldo would hit the showers and Beltran would hit another 2 run shot in the seventh to give the Mets a commanding lead of 7-1.But the game would just start to get interesting,  the Rockies, knocking out Niese, would climb back into the game in the bottom of the seventh making the score 7-5.And the Rockies would load the bases with Isringhausen on the mound in the 8th but luckily Giambi, who really doesn't accept the fact that he's done with baseball, hit a fly ball to Jason bay to end the threat.Carlos Beltran would hit his third home run in the top of the ninth to give K-Rod a little breathing room with a four run lead.K-Rod finished the game.Gee will take the mound tomorrow against the Astros.Side Notes:  I really liked the way Niese looked today.  I have to admit, this could've been a bad game with both Davis and Wright on the bench but Beltran looks completely locked in and dangerous.  The Mets hit 6 hits and three of them were from Beltran's shots.  Beltran became the 8th man in Mets history to hit three home runs in a game.