WWI hero, cricket fanJack Ross is dead.  The last living Australian to fight in World War One died in his sleep this week at age 110.   The Mets international scouts had recently become aware of Ross and his affinity for watching cricket on television.   Met general manager Omar Minaya was traveling to Australia by merchant ship to watch Ross watch cricket himself.The USS Old Slow BoatContacted via morse code on board The USS Old Slow Boat, Minaya was asked about his scouting trip.   "We could always use another good bat, you know what I'm sayin'?"   Minaya responded.   When questioned about why he was traveling by merchant ship to scout a 110 year old man who has never played baseball, Minaya replied "I mean, you know, we're on a budget here.   We're always looking in unusual places for raw talent to help the ballclub.   Mr. Ross was a fighter.   He had a lot of toughness and I'm uh, starting to notice that, you know, maybe this club I've put together is lacking that."   Minaya later telegraphed "The New York Mets send their condolences to the Ross family."Maybe he should sign himself