All right everyone it is time to announce the winner of the "Minaya Needs Your Help"Contest.First let me thank everyone thatparticipated as I am sure you all hadplenty of ammo with the season we havebeen having to come up with interesting tips.It was tough to decide but in the end it camedown to two entries. One from Wannybackstra"When you’re wrong about something youshould apologize. But not really. And then takeit back. And then apologize again. But notreally."The other from GravediggerHebner"Always keep a night vision photo ofyour team owner in a compromising positionhandy."The win going to,WannybackstraCongrats Wannybackstra and like I promised hereis the 435×554 ".jpg" image cover with your tipand your name with the title of"TRDMB Baseball Consultant" toshow your friends.