We continue out minor league depth chart at first base where the Mets won't need much, which is a good thing, cause they don't have much.  First base is not a position where the Mets have a lot of depth, nor do they have a lot of promising prospects. Of course, assuming Ike Davis comes to spring training next year fully recovered from his injury, they Mets won’t need anybody else at first base. They do have a couple guys who one day might be able to serve as a temporary replacement for Davis if he is injured again, but no one who is likely to come close to having the value that Davis has.Nick Evans has been in that position that last couple of years, but he never had a chance to get regular at bats until this past September. When he did he performed well, and he could be a bench piece next year that can back up Davis, or be used as trade bait. If he does stay with the Mets if would be the ideal replacement player at first base. If not, then the Mets won’t have much depth at first base heading into 2012. Allan Dykstra was drafted five spots after Davis in 2008 and came to the Mets in a trade for Eddie Kunz. Dykstra has yet to live up to his first-round pick status, but he did have his best minor league season in 2011 hitting .267/.389/.474 in AA. If nothing else, Dykstra should be able to give the Mets a good first baseman in AAA in 2012, but he may not be ready to fill in at the major league level if needed just yet. The Mets have a similar player working his way up in Stefan Welch, who repeated the Florida State League in 2011, but made good strides, doubling his homerun total from 8 to 16. In another couple years, Welch could become a replacement ready AAA player, especially if he can keep his power numbers up. However, aside from providing a temporary stopgap, there’s no reason to be that excited about Dykstra or Welch.The Mets have a good-looking youngster in Alexander Sanchez, who has a 6’3’’ 200 pound frame and will be 21 years old on opening day next year. Sanchez was held back by injuries this past year, which is a shame because he has some real talent; however, he is a long ways away.All in all, first base is probably the position where the Mets have the least amount of depth. Of course, they likely won’t need a homegrown player to takeover there for quite some time, but it’s always good to have options.