Video courtesy of ESPNMLB announced it's new 5 year cba. Here are some of the Key Points.Scheduling, Realignment, And Postseason Play
  • The Houston Astros will move to the American League West starting in 2013, creating two leagues of 15 Clubs each.
  • A second Wild Card will be awarded to the Club in each league with the second-best overall record among Clubs that do not win a division.  The two Wild Card Clubs will play a single Postseason game, the winner of which will advance to the Division Series.
  • Active Roster limits will be expanded to 26 for certain regular or split doubleheaders.
Draft Pick Compensation
  • Starting in 2012, “Type A” and “Type B” free agents and the use of the Elias ranking system will be eliminated.
  • The current  system  of  draft  pick  compensation  will  be  replaced  with  the  following system:
  1. Only Players who have been with their Clubs for the entire season will be subject to draft pick compensation.
  2. A  free  agent  will  be  subject  to  compensation  if  his  former  Club  offers  him  a guaranteed one-year contract with a salary equal to the average salary of the 125-highest paid Players from the prior season.  The offer must be made at the end of the five-day free agent “quiet period,” and the Player will have seven days to accept the offer.
  3. A  Club  that  signs  a  player  subject  to  compensation  will  forfeit  its  first  round selection, unless it selects in the top 10, in which case it will forfeit its second-highest selection in the draft.
  4. The Player’s former Club will receive a selection at the end of the first round beginning after the last regularly scheduled selection in the round.  The former Clubs will select based on reverse order of winning percentage from the prior championship season.
Drug Testing
  • Commencing in Spring Training 2012, all players will be subject to hGH blood testing for reasonable cause at all times during the year.  In addition, during each year, all players will be tested during Spring Training.  Starting with the 2012-2013 off-season, players will be subject to random unannounced testing for hGH.
  • Instant Replay will be expanded to include fair/foul and “trapped” ball plays, subject to the Office of the Commissioner’s discussions with the World Umpires Association.
You can read the Summary of Collective Bargaining Agreement in it's entirety here