Aggregator par excellence MLBTR notes the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim via California near the Pacific have released pitcher and former Met Brian StokesBilly Wagner might utter his infamous sarcasm-laden "effin shocker" were he to be asked for a reaction quote.  Stokes threw 16 2/3 innings for Los Angeles this season with a 2.520 WHIP and an 8.10 ERA.To me it's funny how much can change in one baseball season.  When the Stokes for Gary Matthews Jr. deal went down in January our initial post on it elicited over 400 emotionally charged comments as well as strong reactions from around the blogoshpere.  Today, we barely noticed that the second shoe has dropped and both gentlemen are no longer employed in major league baseball.I wonder what seemingly benign Mets transaction this off season will send us into a frenzied comment war.  Whatever it is I already look forward to it.  It will be more interesting and exciting than much of the actual 2010 Mets season.