Selig and friends see no evilAccording to published reports, Major League baseball's general managers did not even propose a vote on possibly expanding instant replay for 2010 at their meetings this week in Chicago.Commissioner Bud Selig is openly opposed to expanding instant replay, and apparently the GMs bowed to his whim.   Said Selig:   "I think my position has been clear.   This is a game of pace.   I'm worried a lot about that."If the commissioner is worried so much about pace, perhaps he should have his umpires enforce the on field pace rules such as how much time pitchers can take between pitches.   Was he worried about pace when Jose Molina was killing the grass between home plate and the pitchers mound this post season?   Does he worry about pace while batters are busy wiping out the lines that define the box in which they stand?   If he's so worried about pace he could just eliminate the DH.   American League games take longer perhaps due to the presence of a ninth hitter as opposed to a pitcher batting.I believe the commissioner should be far more concerned with getting calls right than with pace.   I don't have an official listing of blown calls on hand, but the New York Post compiled a few and I have to believe anyone reading this can think of at least one example.That baseball would so casually refuse to even discuss the possibility of getting some help in an area in which they so clearly need it is alarming.   Unfortunately, their call on this is not reviewable.