What Stood Out:

- A good old fashioned beat down. After going 9-7 over their last 16 games, the Mets ran into the buzz saw this weekend. The Detroit Tigers outplayed the Mets in nearly every facet of the game. Let’s just be happy they don’t have to face them too often.


Trend to Follow:

- Matt Harvey’s slight decline. Before I mention his regression, I must point out that at his worst this season, Harvey is still one of the top five pitchers in all of baseball. With that said, Harvey’s earned run average has increased each month this season.

April- 1.56 ERA   May- 2.15   June- 2.31 ERA   July- 2.57 ERA   August- 2.97 ERA


What I Liked:

- Wilmer Flores’ hitting technique. More than any other player that I can remember, Flores hits the ball to the opposite field. According to Baseball Reference, Flores has only pulled three of his 15 hits.

- Ascension of Zack Wheeler. Wheeler hasn’t been Matt Harvey, but he has slowly improved since being called-up in June. His walk totals have gone down (four in the last three games) and his strikeout totals are up (21 in the last three games).

- Decision on d’Arnaud. The Mets made the right call to keep d’Arnaud in the Major Leagues, but Mets management has to figure out how impactful his bat will be in next years lineup.

- Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero electricity. Since July 28, the two have dominated their minor league foes. In 54 innings, the two have combined for 57 strikeouts while allowing only 9 walks, 32 hits and 7 runs. That is domination.


What I Didn’t Like:

- The rash of injuries. Pitchers Jeremy Hefner, Bobby Parnell and Jenry Mejia have all gone down in the last couple weeks. Many of the Mets on the disabled list are players with a future with the team and Mets management is missing a crucial opportunity to evaluate their full roster for the future.

- Juan Lagares’ and Daniel Murphy’s inability to get on base. Both players cannot draw a walk! The MLB average walk percentage at second base is 7.3%, Murphy’s BB% is 4.4%. The MLB average walk percentage in centerfield is 8.0%, Lagares’ BB% is 4.1%.

- D’Arnaud’s first couple of weeks. Prior to his first homerun yesterday, he has looked overmatched at the plate. D’Arnaud’s line drive percentage is 9.1%, compared to a league average of 19.7%. I believe he will turn it around, however, it must start with more solid contact.


What to Look For in the Week Ahead:

- Lucas Duda’s future. I don’t know where he is going to play or how often. I don’t think anybody wants him lumbering around in the outfield, and the Mets have two semi-capable first baseman in Josh Satin and Ike Davis. I don’t know why the Mets recalled Duda, but I hope they have a plan.

- Will Andrew Brown get more playing time? Brown has played well in his bench role and I would like to see him get a few more at-bats, maybe by sitting Eric Young a couple times a week.

- Wilmer Flores’ future position. This will likely be one of the biggest questions going into the off-season. Will he be traded? Will they trade Murphy?

- Can the 2014 Mets be Next Years Pirates?



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