In an article titled, Reassessing three underachievers and notes around the majors, Jon Heyman addresses the Mets, Indians and Diamondbacks.  "Do they have money to spend or did that psychopathic swindler Bernie Madoff steal most or all of it?""Reports have suggested the Mets plan to cut from an NL-high $145 million payroll, but even a small reduction might be a tough sell in their second season in Citi Field. The guess here is the payroll stays about the same. Mets people already are discussing big-name free agent targets -- though, of course, that doesn't guarantee they'll actually sign any of the big ones."• What positions are they aiming to improve?"The Mets understand they need to acquire a left fielder or first baseman (and maybe both), a catcher and a starting pitcher""  Who are some of their targets?"Bay, Holiday, Adrian Gonzalez, Benji Molina"What about the pitching?"Wolf, Marquis, Garland, HalladayIt's a good read, check it out.