Well, I hope everyone had a restful break.  Myself, I indulged in many a spirit and lots of variety of turkeys and hams over the long break.  Now back to our own special groups of turkeys. 


First of all, the non-tender deadline is tonight.  MLBTR has provided a nice list of potential non-tender candidates.  Granted many of these will still be tendered but it makes for nice conversation. 

Non-Tender Candidates

Of those the Mets appear to be interested in Tyler Flowers:


And in the roller coaster of confusing reports, the Mets now seem not that interested in Arroyo:

Mets downplay interest in Arroyo


I think at times because of the fact that there are so many reporters and so many blogs and websites covering the off-season that we get caught up in what is clearly the entertainment business and not the factual reporting industry.  In a world of "Mets insiders" who are anonymous sources, one has to doubt the validity of what is being reported and even then, are the Mets strategically allowing some of these bogus reports?  I think what frustrates fans and reporters alike is that this group of Mets FO guys, like them or not, are very close to the vest with what they do.  That leaves people who make their living and their hobbies desperate for information that just doesn't exist.  Thus what do we get?  The Mets love Arroyo, the Mets have no need for Arroyo, the Mets are meeting with Arroyo, the Mets could meet with Arroyo, the Mets are out on Arroyo but they were never in... What does that produce?  At least for the reporters and blogs it produces clicks and the ability for some to characterize the front office as confused when they haven't even said a word.  Oh well, gotta love the new off-season way of life.