Interesting article on a familiar subject over at the Daily News: "New York Mets fans wrong to boo slumping David Wright" by Filip BondyThe entire Mets lineup for the most part has been scuffling around for games now.   From Reyes's .220 BA, .273 OBP,   .573 OPS to Luis Castillo's under .700 OPS to Jason Bay's under .700 OPS to the entire benches under .600 OPS.   However, it appears that Wright is recieving much of the blame for the teams struggles.   No doubt that Wright is struggling but lets look at his numbers.   The guy is struggling to a .917 OPS and an OPS+ of 145.   Obviously he is striking out too much and his walks are inflating his OPS.   However, he is still getting on base as good as anyone in the league.   Yes we would rather him drive in runs than walk but that's not as easy as it appears for Wright.   Wright has only had 15 PA with RISP the entire year and he's been walked in 1/3 of those.   In those 10 ABs (after the 5 walks) Wright only has two hits for a .200 BA.   Here's another advertisement for sample size.   1 more hit and he is hitting.300 with RISP.   In innings 7-9 Wrights OBP is .579, yes his OBP.   When behind this season Wright has been walked 5/23 AB's and has a 1.034 OPS.I am not trying to cover up the fact that Wright is struggling.   What I am trying to show is that he knows he is struggling and he's trying to do his best to help his team even when he can't get a hit to save his live.   How many times have you seen a guy have a BA 217 points lower than his OBP?   Is this the guy deserving of the punished Mets fan's wrath?   Let's remember that Wright's in pretty elite company to start off his first 5 full seasons with a BA over .300 there's currently no reason to expect that won't continue to happen.