Frenchy, everyone loved Old Yeller too but we all know how that ended.I was doing some reading this morning and thought about Frenchy.   Michael Baron mentioned that it's hard to break out of a slump when you swing at the first pitch.   That is very true.   I wonder if he would benefit from a forced change of approach?   Perhaps a lineup change that forces it?   What about this?ReyesFrenchyWrightDavisBayPaganCastilloBarajasBear with me on this one.
  • Reyes returns to the lead off spot so he wont be "Crushed" anymore.
  • Frenchy moves to the 2nd spot and is told you HAVE to give Reyes a chance to steal and your job is to make contact.   Don't do it and the Animal is coming for you.
  • Wright, Davis, Bay just makes sense now.
  • Now the interesting twist.   Take this Manuel.   Batting Pagan 6th essentially turns him into a 2nd lead off hitter with Castillo as the get'em over guy and Barajas as the driv'em in guy.   I know it would seem strange to have Castillo bat 7th but I like it because it gets him on in front of someone who can drive him in instead of the pitcher.