Time for my next installment of overrated- underrated.  Today I take a look at 2 of the more popular Mets pitchers for this generation.Overrated:Pedro MartinezFirst of all let me say I still think it was a great signing and the hype surrounding his starts alone was most likely worth the contract.HOWEVER, his time with the Mets only produced the following:3.88 ERA, 79 starts and 486.2 innings with a 32-23 record.  Averaging only 8-6 with 20 starts and 122 innings during his tenure.   Not to mention that in the 2 seasons that the Mets may have needed him the most (2006, 2008, I would like to include 2007 but he only had 5 starts...) he really could not find the Pedro magic.2006 he had the worst year of his career to that point and only pitched 7 games in the 2nd half to an ERA of 7.84.2008 saw him have 11 starts in the 2nd half with a 5.18 ERA and go 0-3 with a 7.77 ERA in 4 starts in September.Sorry Pedro, but you are the definition of overrated in Mets lore.Underrated:Johan SantanaWhat?  How can Johan be underrated?  We all love Johan.  Sometimes I think it gets lost just how good Johan has been since he came.  I think in the back of our mind we think that Johan has spent an incredible amount of time injured or ineffective.  However during his first 3 years Johan has averaged, 200 innings and a 2.85 ERA with an 8.1 H/9.  Cliff Lee during that span has averaged a 2.98 ERA and 8.8 H/9.   CC a 3.07 ERA and 7.9 H/9.  Yet for some reason Johan never gets a mention in the top pitchers in the game anymore.  I know inside of most sane Mets fan discussions Johan is still viewed as a great pitcher it's just I get the sense we as a fan-base take him for granted a little.