Stats aside, Murphy striving for more in 2014

On a day when there are two not so desirable articles in the news to discuss, we choose to focus on Daniel Murphy instead.  Murphy for the first time in his career appears to have no one competing for his spot.  (Sorry Stick but Flores doesn't appear to be in the running).  While the Mets may have floated the idea of trading Murphy for the first ridiculous offer, there were no takers.  So for now the Mets have a 2B who offensively isn't too bad at all.  Defensively, well uh he's a hard worker.  

" I'm hopefully a piece that's going to help this team win ballgames, but they don't care. The fun part is the slate's washed clean now. I've got no base hits, no walks, I got no errors -- I like that part, no errors."

Murphy looks ready to work.  When asked about an extension he had the following to say:

"You see an organization heading in the direction that we're heading, it's an exciting time. So you always want to be a part of that. However that looks -- one-year deals or whatever that looks like -- other than playing well, that is a little bit out of my control as well. But I do want to be a part of the solution."

I know there are a lot of people out there itching to dump Murphy so Flores can play.  I think we need to move carefully.