I came to a conclusion this week while shoveling  2 feet of snow off my driveway, I hate the winter, I absolutely despise it.  I would do anything than endure sub freezing temperatures any day of the week.  My opinion, if you like the winter, move to Alaska.  So while I was popping Motrin to relieve my sore back I began to think about baseball-the exact opposite of everything I was doing at that moment.  I know that this might be rough year for the Mets.  There could be some major ups and downs and with the Phillies loaded the way they are, it could be ugly, but I have adopted a new attitude.I'm going to make two New Years resolutions regarding the Mets.1.  I vow to enjoy every Met game be it a win or loss.  I know the deal with Alderson's master plan to build a winner so 'll be patient but still, I  want to enjoy every game and at the same time root harder against the Phillies than ever.  I'm looking forward to watching some of the new faces take on their second year, such as Davis and Thole and at the same time I'm  looking forward to see what direction Alderson will take this  team.  Regardless of the record, I'm going to enjoy every Met game.  I can't wait for Gary, Kieth and Ron to do an SNY telecast and I'll make it a special point to listen to at least 2-3 games on the FAN as well. 2.  I'm really going to try to enjoy City Field a little more.  I have to admit, since the end of Shea, I have not felt like Citi Field has been a home-I know it's me because the stadium is beautiful, but  for some reason, I just can't seem to appreciate it yet.  This is not a knock on what the Wilpons did with decorating it, I still think they did a great job,  I just can't seem to get comfortable with it yet.  Maybe I'll walk around it a bit more, maybe I'll try to hang out in the parking lot and tailgate a bit, perhaps I'll hit the Shake Shack a couple of more times.  I can't put my finger on exactly what the stadium lacks with me but I'm going to try to correct that this year.  And for the record, it's not because the Mets are under performing.  I've been at Shea at it's best and worst and never felt like it was a strange place.  It's all on me I know it.  But this year I'm going to try to embrace the stadium a little more.Finally, I hope this morning brings you, our readers, a fresh new start or a continuation of all things that are going well for you.  If your hurting, I hope that Bloody Mary goes down smooth and if that doesnt' do it, remember that Spring Training is only a month and a half away.