Today is the first installment in a new series.  Anytime you mention overrated and underrated it sparks incredible debate and often controversy.  Because there is no clear stat that defines overrated or underrated it is left up to the eye of the beholder.  Sometimes, well every time, that beholder has been biased by his personal experiences.Before I start to reveal my team (8 position players, SP and a reliever) I am going to throw in a few list provided by other authors.  Although I plan to explain each of my choices in painstaking detail, these authors just sent a list.  This in turn can spark even more debate. What was interesting about the process  was to already see what I referred to in paragraph one.  Some of the players on their overrated list either made my underrated list or were right on the cusp.  Same can be said for the opposite.I invite you in the comment section to support or take offense to any of these players listed.The first list is brought to you by none other than saberguru Metsfan2011.overrated:C-Grote1B-Magadan2B-BackmanSS-Ordonez3B-GarrettLF-WilsonCF-DykstraRF-SwobodaSP-DarlingRP-FrancounderratedC-Piazza (wasn't appreciated enough)1B-Clendenon2B-JeffriesSS-Santana3B-VenturaLF-JonesCF-BeltranRF-PaganSP-Matlack/OjedaRP-Taylor