As the list of non-tenders was finalized over the weekend I was able to do a little reading on various sites and came across this common misconception."The Mets should get Atkins, Capps, Wang."Nothing is mentioned on salary or years.   It's like these players were left out on the curb after a yard sell and are free for the taking.   In a FA pool that lacks star power and even depth some of these guys will command much more than we expect.   This is not a waiver where we can pick up the guy for league minimum or even last year's salary.   One example in the past that sticks out is Ty Wiggington.   As much as I like Wiggy and would not mind seeing him play for the Mets next year, he is a classic example of how a player can benefit from being non-tendered and end up with a multi-year deal.   After being non-tendered by the Astros last off-season Wiggington signed a 2 year 6 million dollar contract with the O's.   I am sure there are other situations very similar to this.   Perhaps Redding comes to mind.   Redding was paid 1 million for his 2008 season with the Nats and was released then signed by the Mets for 2.25 million.So what am I saying here?   I am not saying stay away from these guys.   I am saying, however, that most of these guys have baggage and any worth signing are going to be perused by other teams and could cost real cash that may be needed in other places.   Also lets not play Monday morning QB and complain that Omar wasted money on a guy like Redding when in fact many were screaming for him to sign non-tendered players and take a risk.So in fun here is that list again.   Have fun and tell us who the Mets should sign.   Just keep in mind this is a used car lot and not a junk yard.
Alfredo Amezaga
Brian Anderson
Brian Bass
Chien Ming Wang
Clay Condrey
Cory Sullivan
DJ Carrasco
Dustin Moseley
Gabe Gross
Garrett Atkins
Jack Cust
Jackson Quezada
Jeremy Reed
Jonny Gomes
Jose Arrendondo
Jose Veras
Josh Anderson
Josh Whitesell
Kelley Johnson
Lance Broadway
Mark Worrell
Matt Brown
Matt Capps
Mike Defelice
Mike MacDougal
Mike Rivera
Neal Cotts
Phil Dumatrait
Ryan Church
Ryan Garko
Ryan Landerhans
Seth McClung
Shawn Riggans
Tim Redding