With the nonwaiver deadline having past now attention turns to the waiver deadline of August 31st.   Many analyst have said that the waiver period could be very active because many teams will not claim players with higher salaries because of the economy.One of those such analyst is John Heyman who has an article looking at who would clear, could clear and will not clear.Looking at some of the names the Mets could be interested in:Would Clear: Arroyo, Harang, Huff, Miguel Batista (classic Omar), Wiggy and Overbay.   Overbay intrigues me as he could be a solid option for 1B next year and is not that expensive.Could Clear:   Garland, Davis, Meche and Rios.   I can't see Davis or Meche clearing but again any of these guys would benefit the Mets and all but Davis have a contract or option for next year.Would not Clear: Not that it matters but Sheffield is on the list.   If we are sellers then I would allow him to be claimed and try and work out a deal.So as we struggle towards .500 Omar will have another choice to make.   Do we try and pickup players to make a run or dump players such as Sheffield, Schneider, and our cast of injured in Wagner, Delgado and Putz if they make it back in time?Update:   Wagner pitched a perfect inning in his rehab appearance today.GCL Marlins Bottom 6th from MILB.com
  • Pitcher Change: Billy Wagner replaces Michael Hebert.
  • Terrence Dayleg pops out to second baseman Ray Van Gurp.
  • Marcell Ozuna flies out to right fielder Scott Grimes.
  • Thomas Hickman flies out to center fielder Javier Rodriguez.