Apology or no apology, what Fred said to the New Yorker will damage his team more in the long run than short.  When all is said and done, it wouldn't be Bernie Madoff that did the Mets in, if would be Fred Wilpon who put the his own team in ruin trying to imitate the deceased owner of the New York Yankees.The only difference was, the Yankee players expected  their owner to be outspoken  and took it because that's what you had to endure to be a New York Yankee.  Fred is going to realize that players don't need to endure his comments to play for a team that, as of now, is going absolutely nowhere.In the 1980's my father, the avid Yankee fan, shut off the TV and stopped watching his team.  He hated Steinbrenner for his antics and decided to stop watching.   He turned to the Mets because he is a baseball and New York fan, and rooted for them.  He went back to the Yankees only when Steinbrenner was kicked out of baseball.It might not be that time yet but there are going to be some dark times ahead for Mets fans.  You see, I have no problems with what Fred said.  Honestly, I'm sure that it was building up in him.  Let's remember, this is the guy who has dropped a lot of money and has watched his team, miss the World Series by a swing, collapse in front of the country, come up short by a game to make the playoffs, literally lose every starter to injury.In my opinion, I'm shocked his frustration didn't come out any sooner.But here is the kicker, the difference between him and the Steinbrenner is that King George would say something but then back it up with money-lots of money.Fred doesn't realize he now has to put up or shut up.  And there is no way he can "put up". I'm now looking it this way, if might be time to root for Picard and his billion dollar lawsuit.  Maybe this might get Wilpon out and a new owner in.  In might be the only salvation Met fans have. I know one thing for sure, Reyes, Beltran and Bay are going to play there butts off hoping that they get traded and get off this sinking ship.