Stephan Strasburg hurt is elbow last week pitching against the Phillies and now word comes out of Washington that the young Phenom probably needs Tommy John Surgery thus making him unable to pitch until 2012. Was it worth it?Did you guys make a lot of money?Tell me, what was the benefit of making Stephan Strasburg pitch this year?  Were the Nationals poised to make a playoff run?  Did you guys think you had a shot at the Wild Card?  So what he leads the Nats in strikeouts, what does it all mean now?  You mean to tell me this kid couldn't stay in Triple A the whole year and build up some strength and endurance.  He HAD to pitch in the Majors this year.  It was that important.  I know what was important.  Showing off your new trophy around the Majors, showing all the teams your new toy and dominating ESPN and the MLB Networks with your new Phenom clips.And of course there was also something else influencing your decision, wasn't there.Sell Outs.  We all know what that means right?  Money and I guess a lot more than what the Nats were bringing in without him, unless they hosted a big market team and got some visiting fans.   Well, it's over now isn't it.  Nice job, oh, by the way, who ever made the decision to bring Strasburg back after his first stint on the DL should get a medal.  Nothing like a little foreshadowing as a little insult to injury(pun intended).I wrote a while ago that Strasburg was too good for the Nationals right now.  And even hurt, he's still better but once he goes under that knife, anything could happen. I know I'm  playing the part of the Grim Reaper  but when an organization puts greed in front of their development of young kids, you tend to push karma just a bit and sometimes it just runs out and you get the worst case scenario. Your star Phenom pitcher getting hurt in a meaningless game. I hope this kid makes a full recovery,  I hope he comes back even stronger than he was before, I hope he comes back a pitches a perfect game in the World Series for the Nationals.Right now I hope a lot for this kid. And I know for a fact the Nationals are hoping right along side of me.