Pedro seeks a new crown!Adam Rubin has the National League lineup and relays that Pedro Martinez has landed in Philadelphia for his physical with the Phillies. Here's the lineup:HANLEY RAMIREZ, FLA (R)CHASE UTLEY, PHI (L)ALBERT PUJOLS, STL (R)RYAN BRAUN, MIL (R)RAUL IBAÑEZ, PHI (L)DAVID WRIGHT, NYM (R)SHANE VICTORINO, PHI (S)YADIER MOLINA, STL (R)TIM LINCECUM, SF (L)Why is Victorino in the starting lineup? If Charlie Manuel needed another center fielder, he should've added Matt Kemp to the All-Star Team. Who would you rather have batting 7th, Shane Victorino or Matt Kemp?Read more: