omarandsoupnaziAccording to Brian Costa at The Star-LegerNew York Mets general manager Omar Minaya hoping team can remain competitive as injuries mountOmar supplied us with lots of quotes, lets see if we can make sense of any of them."I don't know," Minaya said. "All I can do is hope that the guys continue to play the way they have. The truth is, we've played okay. But we haven't been playing that good. ... I think there's another gear to this group that's out there playing."No Omar they have not played good or even ok, there may not be another gear to this group and if there is it could very well be reverse."I think there are 22 to 24 teams right now that are within playoff striking distance," Minaya said. "So there's not a lot of guys. For teams to trade a guy right now, you have to say to yourself, 'We're in it. Why would we trade a guy?' So the pool is not that big."This I agree with, not only that but the teams that do have players to trade know they are in high demand.   The reason that so many trades are made in late July is because there are usually only 10-12 teams in the race.So for now, just picture Omar waiting in line for a bowl of trade soup and all the other GM's behind the counter.