In a post to his blog Marty Noble again affirms that based on his sources the Mets off-season priority list starts with Holliday or Bay.  

Mets' offseason wheels in motion

 Then they will look to upgrade their rotation most likely through signing a guy like Wolf and perhaps a trade.   According to Noble the Mets are interested in the following group: "Holliday, Bay, Lackey, Marquis, Wolf, Cameron, Hudson, Glaus and two catchers who are eligible to file -- Bengie Molina and Rod Barajas"Noble also gives a few scenarios the Mets may look into.   According to Noble the Mets would rather use the FA market to solve their biggest needs but if that falls through they have discussed the following:
  • "Pursue Cameron to play left field, thereby improving the outfield defense and adding some power."
  • "Include Luis Castillo in a trade package and hope to fill a need with what they receive in return and then sign Hudson to play second base."
  • "Sign Glaus, a right-handed power hitter, to a conditional contract and have him available to share first base with Murphy and provide power off the bench."
  • "Sign Wolf and package a starter on the Mets' roster -- not Johan Santana, of course -- to acquire a No. 2 starter or a slugging outfielder."
Funny but in all of this the least of the names to consider is the one I find interesting.   Troy Glaus could be a very nice pickup for a RH partner with Murphy and a guy that if healthy could really help the offense.