Here is a steal waiting to happen.   If the Yankees decide to Non-Tender Chien Ming Wang, the Mets should jump all over him.  It's a no brainer.   He's only 30, could be paid very little, and he has a tremendous upside.  Wang  does, however, need some serious attention and rehabilitation.  First, he needs to learn how to run and swing a bat.  He  needs time to regain his form in a non-pressure environment.      I know the Mets don't need yet another headache but this one could pay off huge dividends and should be seriously considered.   Let us look at the upside: If  Wang can  get healthy, he can immediately be inserted into the rotation.   If there is no room, he might be able to help out in the bullpen.  He is a  "ground ball specialist" and has a  decent fastball.    Mentally, he is a proud pitcher and may want to prove himself.   (With this trait   like this, he may want to  stick it to his old ballclub)   Let us also not forget that he is already New York tested.   He can handle the pressure of playing on the big stage and like all American League pitchers, may buzz through that National League lineup.      There is always a saying that some players need a change in scenery, for Wang it could be a change in pressure.   If the Mets are willing to be a little patient with Wang, he could prove to be a valuable asset and contributor to the club.Any thoughts?