If you think this is going to be another "Reyes will be O.K" article...you are completely correct.   I'm not going to panic over this issue with Reyes and neither should our TRDMB readers.Watching Reyes over the past month working out shows me that he is in great shape and as an athlete myself, one or two weeks off, won't affect anything.   In fact, this may benefit Reyes as it gives him time to recover and rest.   We've all seen the inside of hell with the 2009 season, could a thyroid scare us?   I don't think so.   I look at it this way, just imagine if Reyes pulled his calf or ripped his rehabbed hamstring.   So far, I think this Spring Training has shown a lot of positives and to me, that's what we should be talking about.And lets discuss these positives.   Two words that might make every Met fan smile, Ike Davis.   Our own David Wright is  showing some power;  Oliver Perez who seems focused  and motivated.    If you told me Jon Niese would be pitching this well now, I would have lost a bet....I'm surprised he  can walk normal after  his  injury.   Santana is throwing without any discomfort and is on pace to pitch  Opening Day.    Does Mejia impress  you as he does me?   Even Pagan ran the bases well yesterday.     And let's not forget that even Omar  Minaya  is getting in on the act as he is still trying to improve this club on an almost daily basis.It is very easy (just watch any New York  Television Station) to fall into the  "here we go again"  routine when it comes down to the Mets, but I'll tell you  now, this Reyes thing will be just fine.  Let's not sweat the small stuff and let's not push the panic button.