Now that the dust has settled over Opening Day it is time to put our attention toward the rest of the Met Rotation.   Tonight will be the beginning of the REAL  MET 2010 season.We all knew what Johan was capable of doing and on  Opening Day he proved it once again.   Now Omar and Jerry have to really earn their money putting their stock in Maine, Perez, Pelfrey and Niese.   It will be their jobs if these pitchers don't come through, I think that's a no brainer.  But let me ask you a question: Wouldn't you feel a lot better going into tonights game with say Lackey on the mound?     I would really feel comfortable knowing that Perez is our 5th starter rather than our 3rd...or 2nd...or whatever they want to label him.But the Mets Braintrust sold us this off season  on the bounce back/recovery/ healthy Met Rotation.   I personally believe that the Met pitchers are better than they were last year.   But are they good enough?  Tonight  we'll see  if they sold us and themselves a bad bill of goods.