The ninth inning said it all last night about both teams.-which, at this point-seem to be going to opposite directions.  I tell you how things have changed...a couple of years ago, that would be how the Mets lost the game tonight.So much has changed.It terms of a loss, it was a devastating one for the N.L.East Chumps.  I means think about it from their point of view(which is really fun when you are a Mets fan)  You had your ace on the mound pitching the game of his life.  You fought back and regained the lead to take it into the ninth inning.  You survive the eighth inning with a bullpen that has band aids all over it and when you get to the ninth,  you put that  closer on the mound, the one which you paid a lot of money for......and he loads the bases with two outs and blows the game on a come backer and a bloop single by David Wright.....It's the kind of a game that would send a team reeling and their GM to the phone to begin making trades.And that's what I'm talking about!For the Mets's that two out, never say die, play 27 outs  baseball that Terry Collins has been preaching since Spring Training.  It's that very attitude that the Phillies once had but sold away with their age and free agent pitchers.It's the game that throws a spotlight, not just on David Wright for hitting that bloop single, but the entire team for their hard play.    The Cubs are coming to town.....another team looking for Time Machine into the Off-Season.  Tonight's game makes you think that the Mets are for real.  And I think it may be time to say that.I went to bed tonight with a smile on my face again......knowing that the Mets didn't pull out a miracle to win the ball game, but just played the game right and were rewarded.A game that puts the Mets aiming for the top and the Phillies spiraling to an endless bottom.