numbers1To foment (yeah I said it) discussion, here are some numbers that may or may not mean anything, which might mean that I just wasted a lot of my and a little of your time.The following is the current batting average (BA), on base percentage (OBP), and slugging percentage (SLG) of every Met who A). is not currently on the disabled list; and B). who has started at least 20 games this season.   The numbers are broken down by team win or loss.Dude Outcome   BA/OBP/SLGCastro 13 W     .324/.419/.432Castro         13 L     .190/.227/.429Castillo 24 W     .337/.430/.361Castillo       15 L       .217/.321/.326Wright 26 W     .360/.448/.550Wright         20 L       .324/.443/.437Murphy 23 W     .250/.316/.456Murphy       20 L       .274/.352/.355Beltran 24 W     .362/.455/.606Beltran         20 L       .373/.466/.533Sheffield 21 W     .388/.538/.694Sheffield   18 L       .179/.304/.359Statistics gleaned (yeah I said it) from baseball-reference.comFront: Alex Reiger, Latka Gravas, Louie De Palma, Elaine Nardo Rear: Bobby Wheeler, Tony Banta, Reverend Jim Ignatowski