I felt something Monday afternoon that I haven't felt in a long time, excitement and anticipation.   I also  saw something else, Met fans writing down potential line-ups.   When is the last time you saw that?  I'll admit that even I  kicked around a line-up or two with Castillo and Molina penciled in and you know what?  I suddenly can't wait for Opening Day.   Can the Mets match the  Phillies? Can they make a run?    Let's not get crazy here,   I said I like their line-up but  I'm  not as nearly  excited about their rotation.But after seeing what Omar did with Bay I have to have confidence.   The Bay courting was not what I thought it was going to be.   It was slow and agonizing but I guess since the Mets have a limited budget and performed so poorly in 2009, they just can't roll into the Winter Meetings and blow over the free agent of their choice.    Compound the fact that the Phillies  traded for the best pitcher in the league and paraded him around, it was hard to stay confident.          Throughout the weeks, Omar played his hand well, he waited(and maybe hoped) that the free agent market would thin out and made his move.   Did he overpay for Jason Bay?  Probably, but  at this point, the Mets might have to do that to attract that free agent.    Here's the million dollar question, are the Mets are better team today then they were last week? Indeed.  The two million dollar question is whether the Mets could be better and the answer is obvious to all...of course.And now the tough part, more agonizing waiting and rumors while Omar tries to land that Number 2 starter.   Hey Omar, take your time,   work the phones,  call the agents, wait them out.      If it takes you to the day before the first pitch at Citi Field to land Pineiro, Sheets or Arroyo, do it.   It's fine by me.Play your hand and do it your way.