So what's the last thing I want to hear the day I have to watch the Yankees march down the Canyon of Heroes?   The Mets love Randy Wolf.Randy Wolf, does that sound like a number 2 starter that will get us to the post-season?  This means that   September interview with  Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya was just a ploy to get Mets fans off the ledge and back into the electric chair.  I'll use the Yankees for an example, and yes I know that we can't compare to them  in terms of money but they are a good example of what a team  needed to do.   The Yankees went into last years off season with a wish list-two pitchers and Mark Teixeira.   They spent the money and now they are covered with ticker tape.I know the Mets don't have Yankee money, but didn't Jeff Wilpon say that the Mets would be competitive this year and that there is money to spend?   I did hear him say that, right?According to Metsblog who cited a The St. Louis Post Dispatch, the Cardinals are  making the acquiring of  Matt Holliday a "high priority".   Oh no, that means the Mets might have to pay a little more to get him.   Sounds like trouble doesn't it?   Now I'm no longer seeing Matt Holliday patrol left field.   Am I the only one scared here?The only reason, ONLY REASON, that this is frustrating me as a fan is that I was under the impression after that interview that the Mets were going out and getting the players they needed to be competitive.   They may still do this.     However, if they do pull out of the Lackey and Holliday sweepstakes, what is there excuse?We don't have that kind of money?  If Jeff Wilpon came out and said that Bernie Madoff desecrated the Mets and crippled their ability to pick up any free agent, I would be fine with that.   I really would.   If not, the Mets need to get these players to not only make the team competitive but fill the stadium.  I do understand that this is not my team and certainly not my money but as a guy who received a 65 in Economics in High School let me ask this question:   If the Mets sign Lackey and Holliday, won't they make the money back through, ticket sales, SNY and Merchandise?   (not counting playoffs if any?)  Don't tell me that kinda of stuff doesn't make a difference?   Like I said, I barely passed.The bottom like is, I just can't stand being lied to.  As    a fan, who will receive a  Season Ticket Renewal Letter in the a couple of weeks, I would like to see just what the Mets have in mind.   Randy Wolf would be a nice addition, as a number 3 starter-right behind Lackey and Santana.That's what the Mets should be thinking.   What they are thinking is really scaring me.