I could take a .5oo season,  the tough losses, the lack of offense,  the Phillies and Braves dominating the East, but  under no circumstances, absolutely none, could I stand Oliver Perez making a start against Roy Halladay on Saturday.  If he does, it basically means that the Mets are so desperate, so needy and so damn cheap that they have to start a player who has basically handcuffed this team for the entire season with his selfish attitude.   I mean,  here come the Phillies who trot in their high priced blockbuster off-season trade Roy Halladay and have another sitting in the dugout in Oswalt and what do the Mets do?  Counter him with possibly the worst signing in 10 years.  I'll take a loss with Pat Misch on the mound-thank you.In my eyes, it's not a white flag.  More like a Red one, signally a storm on the horizon.  A storm that tells it's fans that this is it for a while.  No.  Perez can't make that start.  What do the Mets think he's going to do that he hasn't done in the past?  Let me guess...3 good innings letting up only 5 runs.  Remember the last start Perez made against the Phillies at Citi?  I know, I was there.  He never made it out of the first inning and was pulled when he went 2-0 with Pedro Martinez at the plate.It will turn the weekend series into a farce.Start Misch, start Takahashi, start the batboy, hell I'll even pitch but not Perez, he hasn't earned the right to be on that mound.  In the major leagues you pitch because you earned it, not by default.  Leave him in the bull pen where he belongs.