According to Adam Rubin of ESPN NY: "Omar Minaya said Thursday at Dodger Stadium that "there's no discussion at all" of changing managers."
Asked if he could categorically state that Jerry Manuel’s job is safe, Minaya replied: "Yes. Jerry Manuel is our manager. Look, any time you’re going to have a couple of losing , those things are going to pop up. But there’s no discussion at all. Jerry Manuel is our manager, will be our manager. I’m very happy with the job that he’s doing."
OK so I already know this decision will cause issues among our readers.   However, I am actually glad Omar has came out and said this.   Now, I of all people should know that you can't put stock in what Omar says in the press.   Yet I still think this can go a long way towards lifting any potential black cloud of indecision.   We know in the past the Mets have seemed to play much worse with that type of scenario hanging over their heads.