The amazing Matt Cerrone of Matt Cerrone's, reported from the Citi Field media room where earlier today Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel spoke to reporters.
In the end, Minaya said Delgado is still looking at returning around August 15, or "in that range," and he hopes to see the other guys, including Maine, back before that.
Also, Minaya:
described the climate for trades as one that will require him to "give up a lot," because so many teams are still in contention. He said he needs to keep an eye on 2010, 2011, and 2012, not just 2009, when trying to fill holes on his roster, noting there is no "magic bullet fix" available.
Matt also has news on Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, Billy Wagner and Infield Practice.Good news on Delgado and the rest of the guys coming back in August. Not so good if you are a sell the farm proponent. Either way,  the trade deadline will be here before we know it. Alot is riding on how the Mets do the rest of this month. If the Mets do well,  Omar Minaya may not see a need to make a trade, instead being happy with the team's standings and expecting help in August from the returning players. However, if the Mets continue to tailspin, Minaya may not be willing to sacrifice the farm for a lost season, and will not make any trades. So for Omar to be forced to "pull the trigger" on a blockbuster deal, the Mets have to play somewhere in between horrible and good.